Is A Career As A Truck Driver Worth It?

Is A Career As A Truck Driver Worth It?


A career in truck driving can be very challenging and rewarding.  However, it’s not for everyone.  Over the years wages have changed and many people think truck drivers aren’t paid adequately for the nature of the job.  Being on the road so much and away from family and friends also turns many people away from the industry.


In a blog, written by Brett Aquila, he talks about what he loves about the industry.  He mentions of quality of the trucks.  Stating that today’s trucks have the best technology and comfort yet.  The industry has made great strides to provide truckers with the best technology and safety features available.  This also includes communication and navigation systems.


On average, truck drivers make around $40,000 – $50,000 a year.  For a blue collared job, this is pretty good pay.  However, over the last 25 years or more, pay has been steady.  This year, we have seen a high demand for more drivers.  Many companies offering huge pay incentives for those who sign up.  They also are offering many bonuses including those for safe driving.


Now, drivers can be more regionalized.  This is a huge plus for many drivers.  They get more opportunities to be at home.


On the other hand, Aquila mentions many things that he does not like about the industry. One being the process is a pain.  To become a driver, you must pass background checks, drug tests, physicals, credit check, fingerprinting, employment verification, and many rules and regulations.


Also, enforcement is strict.  There will always be cameras on you inside the truck at all times.  Driving reports will also be sent to your company.  Your trucks every movement is tracked.  You will endure regular inspections and could be pulled over for an inspection at any given moment.  Companies will know everything that is going on every second of the day.


One of the biggest complaints today is traffic.  It is growing by the day. More and more drivers are distracted causing more wrecks.  Drivers have to be aware of this and drive with an extra level of caution.


Lastly, while the pay is pretty good, it is also not increasing.  Aquila states he has had the same pay since he started in 1993.



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