ELD Mandates Improve Safety in the Transportation Industry

ELD Mandates Improve Safety in the Transportation Industry


Last year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA announced the electronic logging device (ELD) manage to improve safety in the industry.  This is a device that is able to record the driving time automatically on a vehicles engine.  This not only provides a greater level of safety for drivers and other drivers on the road, but it also simplifies the process of logging time and is more accurate than the traditional paper log method.


This new mandate, according to the FMCSA, is to provide more compliance with hours of service regulations.  The mandate helps regulate the hours a driver is on the road to prevent tiredness that could cause potential unsafe situations for other drivers.  Not only does the ELD record their driving hours, it is also able to monitor other things such as location, miles, and movement.


Many concerns from drivers are being raised with this mandate.  One being, that this will impact their pay and hours.  With this mandate, it also strictly enforces 55-hour work week limits.  Which will affect their pay.  This is inconvenient to drivers and shippers, because of supply and demand.  If drivers, meet their legal limits they will be unable to go over to meet the high demands of shippers.


Drivers are not the only ones affected by this but shippers also.  This brings on an additional cost to them because to install one in a truck, it can cost an average of $584. Additionally, there is a monthly subscription free of $20.


One concern that has arose from this, is that due to drivers logging less time, they will feel the need to drive more aggressive and speed causing potential accidents to haul loads faster to move more and make more money.


While this is just one concern of many, there are benefits of this mandate.  This includes more monitoring of drivers, safer roads, automated processes, less fuel consumption, and saving shippers money.



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